Posted on: January 15, 2008 10:24 am

How I Became A Superstar (98 Rating)

To be honest, hard work, dedication, hours in the gym and great people around me. I would like to thank my HGH suppliers, and no drug testing in the offseason. You know I went from being an 'amature, to a superstar overnight" (The name of my book, pick it up today!) here at the Sportsline. I will let it go to my head, blow up at press confrences and dog cus the media anytime I feel like it.

I'm big stuff at cbs.sportsline.com. I put people in the seats, I sell merchandice, I want a huge 10 year contract with built in stat marks for extra dollars, my 2.7 million dollar house needs a pool you know.

I expect to be top 1K very soon. At that time I will put on my Hall of Fame jacket and go out on top. Then I will come back 7 years to boost ratings and cause a media frenzy.


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